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Red Ice Creations interviews Jan Irvin


This episode is now available by Italian Transcript: www.sazowp.icu/texts/RIC-JanIrvin-TriviumEducation-Italian.pdf

Jan Irvin runs gnosticmedia.com. Jan is with us to discuss a new aspect of his work and research called “The Trivium”. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric are “the three ways” or “the three roads” that together with arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, called “The Quadrivium”, forms the seven liberal arts.

This was the foundation of a medieval liberal arts education, something that almost altogether has been lost in our modern society and education system. Jan discusses the benefits of this ancient form of education and argues that within the methodology and approach of the seven liberal arts are vital keys that will aid anyone who is seeking “the truth”. Later, Jan points out some of the fallacies that researchers and self-acclaimed critics make.

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  1. I have been studying this for a straight week so far and I believe the application of the trivium can help people understand the vast amounts of information being put ofrth by such people as David Wilcock, Graham Hancock, Project Camelot and many others which talk about fringe topics such as UFOlogy and modern metaphysics / consciousness science.

  2. Reply to TriviumEducation:

    What isn’t logical fallacy?
    I mean, obviously the world we are presented is false and artificial so coming up to conclusions such as aliens or totalitarian governments setting the pace isnt that strange? In fact, it’s quite strange to think otherwise. Following few simple steps such as asking yourself why or following the money will reveal the real nature of our society.

    1. Study logic, Jay. Quite a lot isn’t a logical fallacy. In fact, there are no fallacies or contradictions in nature. But if you’re going to claim that aliens are doing it, the onus of proof is on you to 1) prove that aliens exist, and 2) prove they’re doing as you say. So rather than pulling mystical ideas out of thin air and pretending they’re true, you have to be able to verify it with your 5 senses in reality. There’s a ton of stuff up here, including videos and books to watch and download that explain exactly what are fallacies, and what aren’t. There are full logic course books available that explain in detail how to verify information step by step.

      There’s ample evidence of government corruption based on primary documentation to prove it, which is far different than aliens. You’ll find at Tragedy & Hope, listed in the links, that we’ve amassed huge amounts of primary data regarding government corruption. Furthermore, see my interviews with Larken Rose on the Gnostic Media website.

      Now show me, by using logic and not using the fallacies that you can study right here on this very website when you propose the question: “What isn’t logical fallacy?”, how aliens fit a rational model? Where did the aliens come from? Who created them? Aliens are a fallacy because you can’t prove them, you have to argue the arbitrary, and use fallacies and things that can’t be verified.

      We know where politicians come from and we can prove that they’re corrupt over and over again with provable, documentation and records found right here on earth – that you can look at, study, touch, see, taste if you need to, hear, etc. Not phantoms, but real, tangible, verifiable evidence.

      Since the 17th century there has in fact been an intentional effort, started by the irrationalist philosopher Emmanuel Kant, to mislead people to believe that there is no way to find truth. They want you to not trust your own five senses, to not know that 1 + 1 = 2, or to believe that we can’t agree on what is black, or what is white. These are lies to mislead you – to get you to not trust yourself, but to need some “authority”.

      Please continue to study the information provided throughout this website so that you’re not led to use such fallacies, or lies, in your own thinking and you’re able to filter them out to think clearly, rationally, and fact check your ideas with evidence.

      By studying the information here, at the Peace Revolution Podcast, at School Sucks Podcast, and at Gnostic Media, you’ll find more than enough evidence, well cited and verifiable, to lead you to your own answers. The information won’t teach you what to think, but more importantly, HOW TO THINK.

    1. You’re using a fallacy of equivocation on the word “creation” (not to mention a word you’re using that’s loaded with your conclusion in the first place) and then using circular reasoning, or begging the question, to reach your own preconceived conclusion based on the first fallacy of equivocation and a creator. This type of logic or circular argumentation is dealt with in the logic studies. Peikoff, for instance, covers your very argument extensively.

  3. IF – Interdimentional beings have designs on this world with an aim of ridding the planet of its human inhabitants through the use and possession of a certain group of genetically tuned people who are conduits for said possession, manipulated up into levels of power all across the globe…we would be at a loss to believe such could or is occurring unless they specifically came out and admitted such.
    Is that about right?
    I agree people do not use their 5 senses properly…. sorry, let me correct my error.
    I agree people do not use their 5 filters properly, yet if my eyes be closed, and my fingers hover 1 inch in front of a wall, the wall does not exist until I touch it. Correct?
    The Tri and Quad was meant to be a Childs ABC’s of reality, to be taught as soon as understanding begins to take hold in a young persons mind. It was meant to be the foundation on which the path to life and learning could take place minimizing the number of potholes or ruts one potentially could fall into and Not meant to be ‘the be all and end all’.
    That, is a mistake so many make, and lock themselves in a box of sensory illusion demanding that the higher be brought down into the lower for examination, before it will be contemplated.
    Where does the sacred intuition come into play?

    When I gaze out into humanity, I see many empty foundations scattered across the land without a living structure built upon them…..and I have to ask myself, ‘Where are the people’.

  4. To Trivium Education:

    It is interesting that most people would agree with the assertion that the vast majority of information presented in the world today regarding conspiracy are fallacies. Primitive logic demands this.
    I have a question which should not be taken as a challenge.
    I have no axe to grind or trophy to polish, just an insatiable desire to open my own minds ability to collect as much light of the truth as is possible.
    That said, please comment on the possibility or probability that while most people lead a life of fragmented consciousness, leaving little or no light for the next generation to pick up and carry forward, there may be, and I assert is, a highly organized group of individuals who have carried forward a consciousness from generation to generation due to potent far, no, very very very far sighted goals. If this far sighted group has been able to play a multi-millennial chess game of civil-sociological-political stakes against the masses, who are ill equipped to play checkers, let alone chess, then what are we to say of the system of Trivium Education? Can it too be manipulated by the manipulators of the facts over the millennia? Can a far sighted effort which begins today to manipulate the truth be successful in its efforts to present that “manipulated truth” i.e. lie, two thousand years from now and have it accepted using the system of Trivium Education as fact? Can our current reality with all of its facts be trusted in the light of this possibility? After all, many of us base our facts upon historical accounts. These accounts are likely the products of this “multi-,millennial chess game” I call for as a reality. “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte. Winston S. Churchill – “History is written by the victors.” If facts of history are not to be trusted, then there is no way to establish reality on “the facts” since, as Allen Sherman put it; 1000 parts truth + 1 part lie = A LIE! With this in mind, all those who love truth above the desire to bee seen as “logical” will become as “foolish” as necessary to obtain it.

    1. your cup is already too full of logical assumptions about things that you forgot to ask WHY to all your questions.

      what is the premise here?

      those who know, do not speak
      those who speak, do not know
      surely, you are a master, fool

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