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Unplugged Mom – “More Trivium: An Introduction” – with Gene Odening

Welcome to your intellectual pilgrimage folks.

I’m honored to have had the pleasure of interviewing long time Trivium student, philosopher and advocate, Gene Odening, for a multi-part, exclusive Unplugged Mom Radio presentation on the Trivium.

Here you will find my brief explanation of the series immediately followed by The Introduction to the series. Please listen to fully appreciate the most important significance in this pursuit of intellectual growth.

“The Trivium Improves thinking because it helps to awaken and connect dormant neurons.”

Studying the trivium brings us ‘knowing’ as opposed to the ‘illusion of knowing’.

Why the emphasis on Trivium in UM? Find out by clicking here

*Note: toward the end of this episode you will hear me announce that Part I – Grammar immediately follows. However due to some personal unforeseen scheduling issues we were unable to mix the Grammar episode in time. So I invite you to listen and reflect on the information presented in the Introduction and look forward to Grammar coming out very soon!

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  1. I have raised 3 daughters and I so wish I had this information when they were little. Two of my girls are now teachers and I have forwarded this podcast to them. I wait for further installments with bated breath! Bravo!!!

  2. Is there a way for modern teachers, within the confines of their 45 minute classes and gov’t red tape to imbue their lessons with the knowledge and practice of the trivium?

    If so, I want to know how.

    1. No. In my humble opinion. It will go against all of what public edu represents. This would be a direct attack against the status quo. Indoctrination is their goal. Free and critical thinking is the outcome with Trivium thinking or natural organic thinking. The two are polar opposites in my personal opinion.

    2. The Trivium has been deprogrammed out of some of us. Not all. Here’s one to chew on. ?? Your difficult children, rule breakers, etc. may have had it right. Maybe their the one’s closest to organic thinking? For example: I resisted education all the way up until high school. I could barely read in the tenth grade, but I was always highly revered as being intelligent and smart. As a youngster, I never stayed put in one place often. If an adult said go right, many times I’d go left. LOL I was suspended from school tens of times starting in kindergarten all the way to the 9th grade. And never for doing anything serious or “bad” but not following ‘the rules” per se. I was often a victim of corporate punishment and I always said to myself as a child, its only gonna make me stronger and I truly believed it. What also thrived in my mine, no matter what I was gonna do what I wanted to do, if I believed it wasn’t right. It got to a point where adults just gave up and left me alone and I did what I wanted to do even more. By age 11, I got a full-time job and was happy coming from a very poor family. Then at 15, I entered high school excited, because I always wanted to play organized football. I instantly thrived on the varsity level and lead the team. Mid-way through the season, I was kicked off the team, because I had failed every class. LOL I must have cried for three days straight. That hurt me getting put off the team. Then the indoctrination kicked in. I wanted football and they wanted a traditional obedient indoctrinated student, so I gave it to them. l quickly turned my F’s into C’s and B’s with the help of a very lovely tutor (now my wife; I’m 46 now) and became “a phenomenal student” as I was called on graduation day. LOL The difference is and why the Trivium resonates with me personally is that by age 15 I had already gathered enough grammar (about the world) and entered the Logic stage where as I truly believe none of it stuck to me. Of course I dibbled and dabbled in the jones, but for the most part, I to this day see things as they are. I believe its because of my defiance as a child, adolescent and a teen. Now I’m view as a person who looks into things too much…LOL I always sorry, its the Trivium. LOL

  3. Gene,
    I am impressed with your knowledge of Trivium and your ability to communicate such a topic with ease. You are self-educated and a wonderful instructor of the knowledge that you were mentored. I had no idea of the depth of your intellect. Bless you brother.

    1. Dido! Every time I listen to Gene’s interviews I learn something new that I missed before. I was angry when he stopped doing interviews (I assume) and began re-listening to each and everyone. What I have surmised is that he’s given us all we need. For the pass three yrs now I’m drawn back to all four of Jan’s interviews, and all the others. It’s still relevant and new to me!!!! I’ve listened to his interviews 10s of times learning something new each time…it’s amazing. And I’ve never done that with anything before. I’m gonna go out on a lim here. I really don’t think you can get it all listening one, two or even three times. It’s a life study and he has personally shown you Pandora’s box. LOL He then cracked the lid and walked away humbly. He doesn’t have to say anything else if and when you properly digest the information and concept of the natural workings of your mind. That’s unprecedented! Who does that?

  4. One other point which has had a direct impact on me recently. In Jan’s fourth interview with Gene he discussed the modes of man’s thinking. I have listened to that damn podcast at lease (honestly) twenty times. Just a few months ago…it resonated in me. How man thinks and why. LOL Gene broke it down into three simple categories:
    1. Mythology
    2. Philosophy
    3. Verifiable Science
    LOL in my mind that explains damn there everything. I just got that after 3 freaking years!!! It’s allowed me to have true understanding of man’s historic flight in attempting to find truth. Smfh I advise everyone to go back…to the beginning and listen again. You will be shocked at what you will find in this man’s words.

  5. Someone needs to unplug unplugged moms microphone ! the guest is interrupted too often. i felt like the discussion was at times derailed by the host at important times so she could keep repeating her points . i tried listening to the second podcast hosted by this person and had to stop becuase of the anti-climactic style of the host. I am greatful that these building block podcasts have been laid out here and are a tremendous resource for me to learn how to learn, but ill be skipping the unplugged mom series. I prefer Jans gnostic media podcasts where Gene is allowed to lay out ,expand on and then resolve his points. Gene has a specific style of communicating these ideas and it is disrupted in this instance. I am still looking forward to the rest of the podcasts! Thank you for starting me on this journey !

  6. I’ve been banging my head into walls for almost 20 years now, from the day I first learned about Ryke Geerd Hamer’s fantastic Germanic New Medicine. I was a very quick learner and was able to get my brain around the central ideas of the GNM in a couple of hours. Almost immediately I wanted to share my findings with others. No way, apart from a handful of people. I’ve tried everything and have even written, in my way, some kind of study/novel about the how’s and why’s of impossible communication. Some weeks ago, listening to an AAMorris podcast, I’ve finally got to the treasure-mine hiding the trivium and quadrivium.

    Thanks to all of you out there getting the word out!!

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